Kirsten Dunst loves British style.

The 28-year-old actress is regarded as one of the most fashion-forward people in New York but says her American peers don't have the sense of style she so admires when she visits the UK.

Speaking at a party hosted by Mulberry after watching The Fashion house's show in London last night (20.02.11), she told "I think it's all to do with heritage and where you're from. Because of that, the way Americans look and the way you guys look is totally different.

"You have this history with tailoring and those little school boy uniforms. That led to something you know? You just don't get that in New York."

While the blonde star - who was recently named as the new face of Bulgari's new women's fragrance Mon Jasmin Noir - is a huge fan of lots of designers, she admits to having a huge affiliation for one British designer in particular.

She said: "I love Vivienne Westwood. She just doesn't care what people think - I love that. I have an amazing pair of shoes by her. She's awesome."