Kirsten Dunst says she is in good spirits since her stay in a rehabilitation clinic for depression.

The actress was admitted to the Cirque Lodge centre in Utah in February, the same facility in which Lindsay Lohan was resident after her arrest for driving under the influence.

Though rumours initially suggested the 26-year-old was receiving treatment for drug and alcohol problems, she revealed in May that her stay was due to depression.

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar magazine, the Elizabethtown star claims she has "learned a lot" since her stay at Cirque Lodge

"Everyone goes through a hard time in their life," she explained.

"They just don't have to do it in front of tons of people and with our media the way it is. I did, and I'm lucky that I had the resources and the money to take care of myself.

"Now, I'm great."

While the actress revealed little about her time in the Utah clinic, she admitted she was "enormously co-dependent" prior to her admission to rehab.

"I wasn't taking care of myself emotionally. I wasn't expressing my anger," she added. "I was making nice all the time."

Dunst, who dated Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell in 2007, can next be seen alongside Simon Pegg in literary adaptation How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, released on October 3rd.

11/09/2008 08:31:50