Kirsten Dunst has had the restraining order against her alleged stalker extended.

The actress' current order against Frenchman Jean Christophe Prudhon was due to expire yesterday (21.12.11) but Los Angeles Judge Carol Boas Goodson increased it until a new hearing on January 9.

Kirsten and her lawyers are trying to get a new three-year restraining order placed against Prudhon, who was served with the papers in his native France yesterday.

Prudhon had written over 50 letters to the Kirsten and even went to her mother's home in an effort to meet her.

According to her mother, Prudhon left "dozens of letters at my home, describing his obsession with my daughter". The letters were "frightening and harassing."

In one of his letters he said he sold his home in France so that he could follow the actress in the hopes of meeting her while she travelled.

He wrote: "This is not the right/accepted way to do but honesty and directness, I have no other way."