Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst was targetted by thieves who swiped a $13,000 (GBP6,500) handbag from her hotel room in New York City. The Spider-man star was staying at the SoHo Grand Hotel in Manhattan to film her forthcoming movie How to Lose Friends and Alienate People when the thieves struck. The gang stole designer bags, $2,500 (GBP1,2500) in cash, credit and ID cards, two digital cameras, a cellphone and an iPod music player. A surveillance camera captured the burglars leaving the establishment with the items. One of the suspects, Jarrod Beinerman, was being held on $50,000 (GBP25,000) bond after being arraigned in a Manhattan court on Wednesday (23Aug07) on burglary and grand larceny charges. Authorities have since recovered credit cards, IDs and the cellphone.