Actress Kirsten Dunst was so worried her movie career would attract the attention of bullies when she was at school, she made every effort to be nice to all of her classmates.

The 22-year-old actress - who shared a kiss with Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt in Interview With the Vampire when she was just 11 - was forced her to maintain a low-key presence among her fellow students in a bid to distract attention away from her showbiz career.

She says, "I just kind of blended in because I was such an easy target. But I have great girlfriends who are still my girlfriends now from like sixth grade, or whatever.

"I was such an easy target. I would kind of blend in, get good grades, didn't really make a fuss, was nice to everybody, because me giving attitude to anybody else I would be torn apart."

And Dunst, currently dating actor Jake Gyllenhaal, has realised that her actions remain under heavy scrutiny years later.

She adds, "Even doing TV shows, or whatever, every little thing I do or say is pretty torn apart. I mean, I'm 22 years old - I'm allowed to make mistakes and screw up!

"I'm not trying to be a role model for anybody - that's parents' jobs. I'm just trying to grow up myself."

30/06/2004 09:32