Kirsten Dunst is keen to see the death of SPIDER-MAN - but she hopes her character, MARY JANE, lives on forever.

The actress has ruled out a return to the Spider-Man franchise after completing the third film, but she hopes writers don't kill her character off.

She says, "I hope Mary Jane doesn't die in the third, which is my last film. I just think that's kind of an obvious way to go: 'Oh, we have to end it, so let's just kill her.'"

But, even though she's not planning to come back for multiple movies, she has her thoughts as to how the franchise should end.

She adds, "It would actually be really interesting if Spider-Man died, I think. Why doesn't the superhero ever die? It would be so sad and beautiful.

"Maybe Mary Jane could be alone and pregnant and he dies. She could then give birth to a Spiderbaby and carry on the

series with another young boy or something like that."

15/06/2004 10:01