Actress Kirsten Dunst regrets not grabbing the rights to make SYLVIA PLATH's biopic for herself, because she feels her portrayal of the poet would have been more convincing than Gwyneth Paltrow's.

The SPIDER-MAN star admits she always wanted to play the suicidal writer on the big screen - and slams OSCAR-winner Paltrow for failing to capture the essence of Plath in SYLVIA.

Speaking to American style magazine NYLON, she explains, "Even though I think Gwyneth Paltrow is an amazing actress, I think that Sylvia was a girl who wanted to hurt. She wanted to feel terrible.

"I felt like, in the movie, it was more like, 'I'm the victim!' It should have been more that she liked to create all this s**t in her head. She was crazier."

Dunst is now hoping to play another real-life tragic figure - actress and activist Jean Seberg, who died from a drug overdose in Paris, France, in 1979.

Dunst reveals, "I'd like to produce a movie about Jean Seberg and her whole thing with the BLACK PANTHERS... I want to play her."

05/03/2004 02:09