Kirsten Dunst is relieved her boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal didn't get to replace Tobey Maguire in the SPIDER-MAN sequel - because she's certain it would've made a "spectacle" of their romance.

Gyllenhaal was under consideration to take on the role last year (03), after Maguire's back problems threatened his ability to reprise the superhero role. And Dunst admits she was elated when Maguire was deemed fit enough to return.

She says, "It wouldn't have been so good because there's already enough attention on my relationship - and the dog!

"But I'd love to work with him. I would rather do something else than Spider-Man. It just would've made such a spectacle of the relationship and taken away from the movie. It would've just been weird."

Dunst admits she's prefer to work with Gyllenhaal on a small independent film or a play in the future.

30/06/2004 02:51