Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst related to her royal character in new movie MARIE ANTOINETTE, because she too had to deal with the pressures of fame at a young age. Child actor Dunst, who started modelling at age three and whose breakthrough came aged 11 in the 1993 film Interview With the Vampire, plays the 18th century French monarch in director Sofia Coppola's biopic. The real-life Marie Antoinette became Queen of France in her teens when she married LOUIS XVI, and Dunst understands what it's like to be recognised wherever she goes. She says, "Obviously, I'm not comparing myself to Marie Antoinette, but I think any young person put in that position feels that way. "I can understand that feeling of isolation and the difficulties of trying to find your identity with all those different pressures on you. "Like when you go somewhere and people know who you are immediately, so they treat you differently. That can mess with your head. "That said, I can't imagine being put in the position Marie Antoinette was in. I agree there may be some similarities, but we're dealing with a much higher position. "I'm an actress and not a queen. And it's not like I'm greeted with people in my bedroom every morning."