Kirsten Dunst reportedly flew into a rage when she discovered British double OLYMPIC gold medallist Kelly Holmes would be at the London premiere of Wimbledon on Monday (20SEP04).

Dunst, who is still reeling after being over-shadowed by Russian tennis sensation Maria Sharapova at the movie's recent Los Angeles premiere, feared she would again be upstaged by a sports star, when she discovered just how popular track star Holmes is in the UK.

According to sources, the 22-year-old finally agreed to allow Holmes to attend, only if she slipped in at the last minute.

An insider says, "When Kirsten realised what a huge star Kelly is, she wasn't happy at all. She'd heard that Tom Cruise liked Kelly - that didn't go down well.

"But what really got to Kristen was the fact that Kelly is the British golden girl. The public adore her and she thought the cameras would prioritise with Kelly over her.

"The same happened when Sharapova went to the US premiere."

22/09/2004 14:12