Actress Kirsten Dunst loved working on Wimbledon because she got the chance to tell her co-star Paul Bettany what to do.

The romantic comedy, set during Britain's famous annual tennis tournament, mixes up traditional gender roles with Dunst playing an ambitious young American champion battling for a trophy at the same time as romancing Bettany's character.

Dunst tells British magazine TIME OUT, "I am definitely the man in this film. So very macho.

"Paul is usually so manly and grounded, but he is definitely playing the classic 'girl' role here. I'm the one in charge.

"The reversal is so funny to me. Especially as Paul is ten years older, he's so good looking, so good at what he does."

The Spiderman actress, who has been liked with actor JOSH HARTNETT since recently splitting from her boyfriend of two years Jake Gyllenhaal, is much less self-assured in real-life.

She adds, "I would never be as forward, as confident as I am in this movie. And especially not with a man I liked."

17/09/2004 02:36