Michael, 71, has a diverse range of films in his back catalogue, including Academy Award-winning Wall Street and the recent Marvel offering Ant-Man.

Growing up as the son of critically acclaimed actor Kirk, now 99, wasn't an easy prospect though - with Michael admitting his father had a strong reaction when he first saw his little boy on stage.

"I remember the first show I did, he came backstage and said, 'Michael, you were absolutely terrible, you were just...' And he was so relieved because he thought, I don't have to worry about my son becoming an actor because he was so bad," Michael laughed during an interview on British TV show Good Morning Britain on Wednesday (07Sep16). "And I kind of stayed with it, kept working at it, and a few shows later he came backstage and said, 'Not bad!'"

When it comes to his future roles, the actor is constantly looking for ways to challenge himself. He’s also grateful his fans stick by him no matter what the genre of film.

"For me the best compliment I get a lot is, 'When I see your name I have no idea what the movie is going to be, but I know it's going to be good',” he smiled.

In recent years Michael wowed audiences with his portrayal of flamboyant singer Liberace in HBO movie Behind the Candelabra, in which he starred alongside Matt Damon. Being offered the part of the Vegas showman came at a vital point in Michael's life, and allowed the screen icon to get back to work after his battle with throat cancer.

"I was really fortunate because that came right after my cancer bout and you're never quite sure if you're ever going to work again,” he confessed.