Movie veteran Kirk Douglas has advised disgraced Mel Gibson to seek help from his own Catholic church leaders before speaking with rabbis and Jewish groups. Gibson outraged Jewish community leaders last month (JUL06) when an anti-Semitic rant he made during a police arrest hit the headlines. The Mad Max star has since apologised for his drunken comments and is now seeking help from Jewish leaders in Los Angeles to help him make amends. But in a column in today's (11AUG06) Daily Variety trade paper, Jewish Douglas has further blasted Gibson for his comments and urged him to seek "spiritual guidance" from his own church. The angry SPARTACUS star writes: "Mel's first apology was too contrite and seemingly not remorseful. His second was an afterthought. "Mel is now ready to talk to a Jewish group or a rabbi. I disagree. He is a Catholic and appears to need some spiritual guidance. "Perhaps he should talk to one of his own faith. Maybe CARDINAL ROGER MAHONEY (Los Angeles cleric) could be a great help." But Douglas does accept that Gibson desperately needs help for his alcoholism, which prompted his anti-Jew rant. The movie legend adds, "This is a serious problem that Mel has to face... Mel is in a mess." Douglas stops short of calling Gibson, himself, an anti-Semite, adding, "I don't find Mel Gibson anti-Semitic. He worked with Jews and has a lot of Jewish friends."