Acting legend Kirk Douglas wishes his fellow actors would take pleasure from being nominated for an ACADEMY AWARD - and not be so fixated on who wins it.

Douglas, 87, received OSCAR nods in 1949 for CHAMPION, 1952 for THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL and 1956 for LUST FOR LIFE - but was edged out every single time.

He says, "The first place gets an Oscar. The four others are declared losers. Why? To be voted one of five in any category should make you a winner."

After the 1956 Academy Awards, his family sent him an Oscar replica with the inscription, "To our Daddy, you rate an Oscar with us always."

Douglas, who was given a lifetime achievement Oscar in 1996, adds, "So, I say to all the nominees in every category: Whatever happens, you are all winners. Keep that in mind as you sit in the audience with a weak smile, applauding someone else who has won your Oscar."

20/02/2004 14:19