The organiser of Britain's Reading Festival has defended Kings Of Leon's criticised headlining slot at the event - insisting the lacklustre reviews for the gig were due to a "connectivity" issue with the audience.
The band struggled to win over the crowd during their set at the music event last month (Aug09), which was marred by problems with sound equipment and windy conditions.
The atmosphere became so bad during the show, frontman Caleb Followill launched a vicious tirade against the audience, shouting, "We know you're sick of Kings of Leon. We're f**king sick of Kings of Leon too. But we get up here every night and I thank God for everything I've had. So for all those who don't give a f**k about us, I understand. But we've worked hard to be here. We're the goddamn Kings of Leon, so f**k you."
And festival boss Melvin Benn claims the problem wasn't down to the rockers - insisting their performance was "flawless".
He tells, "The performance was flawless, but the connectivity between the band and audience wasn't as good as it could have been. The connectivity with the audience in Leeds (at the twin festival) was incredible.
"It's an incredibly strange one. They can't put their finger on it, we can't put our finger on it. Watching Kings Of Leon isn't hit or miss. It isn't likely that the band take the stage and you have no idea whether it's going to be the best performance in the world or the worst performance in the world.
"The truth is, musically, it was flawless."