American band Kings Of Leon have urged critics to ignore their Tennessee roots, insisting they've created a sound far detached from "southern rock".

The critically acclaimed group - brothers JARED, NATHAN, CALEB, and cousin MATTHEW FOLLOWILL - have caught the attention of rock legends such as SIR MICK JAGGER, SIR Elton John and U2, but they're offended by those who misrepresent their music in the media.

Bassist Jared, 18, says, "Yes, we write songs about cock fights and guns and we have beards, but that does not mean we are southern rock."

Matthew, 20, adds, "We play rock and we're from the south. But I don't think we sound like southern rock. We listened to more music, we toured a lot longer. Just kind of grew up a little bit."

30/03/2005 02:30