Rocker Jared Followill has proved he won't be letting illness get in the way of Kings Of Leon's upcoming London shows by taking to the stage for a soundcheck in the U.K. capital's Hyde Park on Tuesday (21Jun11)
The guitarist revealed earlier this week (begs20Jun11) that he has been suffering with a severe bout of influenza, but vowed to battle his sickness to play the group's headlining gigs on Wednesday (22Jun11) and again the following night (23Jun11).
And Followill joined his relatives/bandmates onstage in Hyde Park on Tuesday evening to run through their set for the shows, delighting fans who turned up to hear their idols play.
In a post on his page, he writes, "Just finished soundcheck at Hyde Park. Not going to be able to throw everything in the set. Definitely some that you'll be happy with."
And in response to one fan's 'tweet' about listening to their soundcheck, he replied, "Did you hear anything good?"