Kings Of Leon star CALEB FOLLOWILL was such a danger to himself and others when he used to sleepwalk when drunk on whiskey, the band hired a security guard to make sure the singer never wandered into trouble.
The Sex On Fire singer was dubbed 'The Rooster' by his bandmates when his wildman ways turned him into a raging drunk - and they had to go to extreme lengths to make sure the frontman didn't hurt himself or wake up in hotel lobbies naked.
Bandmate and brother Jared Followill tells Rolling Stone magazine, "Caleb would sleepwalk a lot, more like drunk-walk - like he'd wake up in the (hotel) lobby buck naked.
"If a fire alarm goes off in a hotel, you know Caleb's naked somewhere and he suddenly woke up and freaked out.
"We were going to put an (alcohol monitoring) ankle bracelet on him, but his tight jeans won't fit over it."
Caleb insists his girlfriend of two years, model Lily Aldridge, has helped calm him down - and he no longer drinks whiskey because he knows it just acts as a catalyst for his wildman ways.
He says, "There were times when I was a pretty f**ked-up guy. There was rarely a moment when I was sober enough to make a point."
And he's not the only Kings of Leon member with drinking problems - Followill's cousin Matthew has revealed he was drunk throughout much of the band's recent European tour, and desperately needs a break.
He says, "I want to go to Hawaii and check into a hotel - that way I won't be checking into rehab... I want to take a f**king year off and stay there until I'm sick of it."