Kimberly Wyatt mediates for two hours a day.

The former Pussycat Dolls singer has a daily ritual which she goes through at home in order to feel more calm and relaxed about things.

She said: ''I meditate for around two hours every day. I put a lovely prayer shawl I got from Bali around my shoulders and sit on the bed with my essential oils - especially white angelica - and angel cards, which I look at for inspiration.''

Kimberly - who has previously claimed she was abused as a child - says she feels more liberated since visiting a spiritual healer who taught her how to channel her emotions positively.

She told Now magazine: ''I had a crazy past - growing up wasn't easy and a few years ago I reached a point where I wanted to learn more about forgiveness.

''My fellow Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts took me to a spiritual healer who helped me deal with my childhood traumas.

''I learnt to tap into my higher self instead of older emotions. You learn to forgive yourself and others - it's liberating.''