Kimberly Wyatt thinks she may have found The One with British boyfriend Max Rogers.

The 31-year-old is best known as a former member of the Pussycat Dolls, but since leaving the American girl group, Kimberly has formed a blossoming romance with model Max.

Kimberly told the Yorkshire Evening Post newspaper: ''I'd like to presume this is The One. I guess every girl can dream.''

The pair met in 2011 at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham when Kimberly appeared as a special guest and Max was the main model.

Kimberly has since said that she feels settled and fulfilled in life.

She said: ''He's the greatest man. It's the chemistry that we share, great conversation, I find his views quite fascinating. And having a gorgeous man that makes me feel sexy does wonders.''

The blonde dancer is now in her fourth series as a judge on UK TV show 'Got to Dance' and believes Max has helped her find the balance in her life that he has been missing.

Kimberly said: ''I'm a dreamer and he's a logical thinker, so through the conversations and connections we have, he makes me feel a bit more of reality and not drifting off into the stars.''