Father Of the Bride star Kimberly, who is married to country singer Brad Paisley, announced the sad news on Instagram on Thursday (17Nov16).

Under a photo of her philanthropist mum as a young woman, she wrote: "I will remember you this way, Mom. Rest in love and peace."

Linda was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia, a relatively rare form of dementia, in 2005, and lost her ability to speak.

Kimberly opened up about her mother's mental health battle in an essay for Redbook magazine in 2014, confessing she felt she was slowly losing her mum.

"I've watched a passionately joyful woman, a devoted mother, an engaged listener and friend deteriorate and transform into someone almost unrecognizable," she wrote. "It's been agonizing to slowly lose her."

The essay was published shortly after she and other members of her family agreed to move her mum from the home she shared with her husband to a care facility.

She added, "The move was the hardest change my tight-knit family has ever had to endure. Our visits were agonizing for me. I couldn't look at her without seeing a fading picture of who she used to be. I resented this mostly manic, dangerous, crazy woman who had taken over my mother's body."