Kimberley Walsh says she is inspired by curvy women like Beyonce Knowles when she dresses.

The shapely Girls Aloud singer said she chooses clothes that suit her figure and looks to other celebrities such as Beyonce and Halle Berry for ideas.

The beautiful pop star, who is dating Justin Scott, said: "I guess I tend to look towards curvier women like Beyonce and see what looks good on them. And Halle Berry also has a great body. If I had her figure I don't think I'd complain!"

The 29 year old - who is taking a break from music to build a career as a TV presenter - added she likes to dress to a 50s style to flatter her shape - and she has learned not to get too hung up on her body flaws.

She said: "I always dress to suit my shape. I won't wear a trend if it doesn't suit my figure. I love that whole 50s style, mainly because it suits my body shape, rather than it being a trend.

"I'd like to have longer legs - but wouldn't everyone? It's just the way it is. But they probably wouldn't look right with the rest of my shape anyway!"