Kimberley Walsh wants her sons to form a boy band.

The former Girls Aloud singer - who has Bobby, three, and Cole, 15 months, with husband Justin Scott - wouldn't want to force her kids into following in her footsteps but claims that, despite their young ages, they are already showing signs of musical talent.

She said: ''I've not tried to push it on them at all, but they have definitely got it in them.

''Bobby is often like, 'Right, I'm doing a show'. That's exactly what I was like at his age and he can sing in tune - I've checked actually.

''Cole has actually got real rhythm too.

''I've also got three nephews so maybe they'll form their own little boy band.''

Bobby recently told Kimberley he hated the music of her former band, but the 36-year-old star believes he deliberately said it to provoke a reaction from her.

She said: ''He's so clever that he knew it was my group when it came on.

''I was like, 'Oh do you like this?' Then just to try and get a reaction out of me he said, 'No I hate this Mummy. I hate girls.'

''But he's not interested in any work I do.''

Kimberley loves seeing her boys play together, but they don't always get along.

She told OK! magazine: ''It's lovely to see how much they love each other. But there are definitely moments where I'll turn my back for a second and Bobby will have Cole in a headlock.

''Cole is just absolutely in awe of Bobby. Bobby is very outgoing and confident. I think Cole is going to be a little more reserved.

''I love the ages between one and three because they are still really innocent but Bobby is like a teenager and does answer me back.''