Kimberley Walsh has invited Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts to her pregnancy scan.

The former Girls Aloud star - who is five months pregnant with her first child - underwent her final official ultrasound scan accompanied by her boyfriend Justin Scott earlier this month, but is ''happy'' to book in another appointment at the clinic so she can share the experience with her ex-bandmates.

In Kimberley's pregnancy diary for OK! Magazine, she said: ''Seeing the baby made us more excited about the birth and I have no more scans from this point on, so I just have to relax and let nature take its course. Although Nicola and Cheryl want me to book in an extra scan so they can come along and have a look! I'd be happy to do it - any excuse to see the baby again.''

Meanwhile, Kimberley admits she was anxious ahead of her 20-week scan, but felt reassured once the nurse gave her the all clear.

She recalled: ''Justin was the calm one, whereas I was worrying while the nurse did the checks. I breathed a sigh of relief when she told us everything was fine. It was so reassuring. I can't believe how much the baby's grown in comparison to the 12-week scan. The munchkin looked really cute!''