Kimberley Walsh would like to get married ''eventually''.

The former Girls Aloud singer is expecting her first child with her long-term boyfriend Justin Scott and, although she has been avoiding answering whether she'll tie the knot for a while, she insists she'd like to get hitched at some point.

Speaking on Britain's lunchtime talk show 'Loose Women' today (03.04.14), she said: ''Eventually I would like to [get married].''

''I've been batting this question off for so long, and I thought, 'finally when I'm pregnant they won't ask me that anymore, surely they will be more interested in the baby.'''

''But I get asked more!''

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old star, who is four months pregnant, was left a little shaken up last month after she took a tumble and broke her wrist and, although her baby was unharmed, she admits the fall was frightening.

She explained: ''You just panic, those instincts just kick in immediately. I thought, 'I can take my entire body weight on my wrist!'. So I've had a broken wrist to deal with, but otherwise it's good.''