Kimberley Walsh and her kids have met Cheryl Tweedy's newborn son Bear - but her sons ''caused mayhem'' during the visit.

Cheryl, 33, gave birth to baby Bear - her first child with her boyfriend Liam Payne - back in March this year and her close friend and former Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley has got to have cuddles with her pal's bundle of joy.

However, her sons - Bobby, two, and six-month-old Cole, her kids with husband Justin Scott - got a bit over-excited when they went to Cheryl's house.

Speaking on 'This Morning', Kimberley, 35, shared: ''Cheryl is really good and doing brilliantly. I went over the other day with the boys and they caused mayhem. We let them play together. It's amazing to see her doing so well. We do it all together and share the experience together.''

Kimberley - who married Justin in 2016 - isn't sure if her family is complete yet and she admits she has been thinking of having a third child.

She said: ''I personally didn't get the feeling of being done with having more children but Justin may be done. Being a mum and working as an actor is an easier thing to do. It's hard to go into a musical with children so young. Bobby gets on really well with his younger brother but I still don't completely trust him because he is only two. But he does love him. The first thing in the morning he says he wants to go see baby Cole.''

Kimberley is currently starring in series two of the Disney Channel hit show 'The Lodge' as a music producer Rebecca and says she based her character on people she met during her own music career.

She said: ''She is quite ruthless and I based it on a few characters I have met along the way. I was on set and told some of the cast to be prepared as it is a bit brutal.''