Kimberley Walsh's partner is going to knit their baby a pair of mittens.

The 32-year-old star - who is eight months pregnant with her first child - admits she was shocked to find out her boyfriend Justin Scott was so talented when it comes to making clothes and she is hoping he will turn his hand at creating some garments when their little one is born.

Speaking about Justin revealing his knitting skills, she said: ''I laughed out loud as we've been together for more than 10 years and I didn't know that!

''Apparently his grandma taught him when he was younger. I might set him the task of making some baby mittens. He's going to wish he hadn't told me!''

Kimberley discovered Justin's knitting skills after she showed him a cardigan her mum created for their baby.

She said: ''I like it so much I've decided it's going to be the top the baby will wear when I bring him or her home from the hospital.''

While her eyesight has deteriorated during her pregnancy, Kimberley admits she has enjoyed her pregnancy.

She wrote in her column for Britain's OK! magazine: ''Apparently your eyesight can get better again after the birth, so fingers crossed! But all in all I focus on the positives.

''I've enjoyed being pregnant. I've enjoyed being pregnant - I think it's an amazing thing!''