Kimberley Walsh is ''nervous'' about giving birth.

The former Girls Aloud singer is expecting her first child with partner Justin Scott, and though she intends to stay as relaxed as possible during her labour, she is still wary of things going wrong.

She said: ''Birth is the most amazing thing, but I'm nervous about complications - that's why I wouldn't have a home birth.

''I'm planning to try hypnobirthing classes, though. It's all state of mind - well, for the first few hours of labour. If I can relax at all during that time, it's worth a go.''

Kimberley is trying to take care of herself during her pregnancy and is doing her best to eat well.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: ''The bump is getting bigger and my stomach is getting harder. I don't have cravings anymore, but I'm enjoying my food. It's really hard to gauge what the right amount is, but I don't want to count calories. I just want to enjoy it and make sure my baby has everything it needs.

''I'm eating a healthy, balanced diet, which is the most important thing.''