Kimberley Walsh doesn't feel ''pressure'' to get married.

The Girls Aloud beauty has been with her boyfriend Justin Scott for nine years and although she is constantly asked when they plan on getting hitched, Kimberley feels their time together is a ''marriage'' in itself.

She explained: ''I've had [people ask] for a long time, since I was about 25. In this industry, people assume that if you're together more than a year then you're going to get married.

''But we don't take on the pressure of the outside world; we know where we're at in our relationship. Besides, I think being together nine years is almost a marriage in itself ...''

Although Kimberley, 31, feels she and Justin are ''compatible'' and is comfortable with the ''dynamic'' of their relationship, she still makes sure they still make an effort with one another to show their appreciation through meaningful gestures.

She added in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine: ''We're both quite chilled out. We like watching the same things and doing the same things - we're very compatible. We don't clash over stuff and we don't really argue. It's just a dynamic that's worked for so long that I don't even think about it anymore.

''We still have to make an effort. I think in any long-term relationship you have to take time to show that you're not taking each other for granted. But we do that in small, thoughtful ways, like letting the other know we're thinking of them, and trying to make each other's lives better and easier.''