Kimberley Walsh thinks curves are ''sexy''.

The Girls Aloud star is known for her stunning figure and although she finds it ''hard'' to see herself as a sex symbol, she does appreciate the fact that ''womanly'' shapes are more attractive than those of supermodels and believes that confidence is all in the mind.

She explained: ''I find it hard to talk about myself being sexy, but I guess my shape is more womanly than the model look, and that's sexier. I go with it; that's how I am!

''But sexiness isn't about how you look; it definitely comes from within. Yes, when you get dressed up you feel sexier, but it's not like putting on a dress suddenly makes you feel sexy.

''You need to feel good about yourself first. And I do - physically I'm really fit, and I'm really happy.''

The 31-year-old beauty's body is so popular that her bottom even has its own Twitter page called 'Kimberley's Bum', which has nearly 3,000 followers, and her bandmate Nicola Roberts can't resist a cheeky ''squeeze''.

She joked: ''It's got a life of its own! Something about my bum was trending on Twitter recently and I was like, 'Oh my god, you lot are crazy!' Nicola loves to give my bum a squeeze too. She's very toned and a completely different shape so she's like, 'It's a sponge!'''