Kimberley Walsh has said it is ''lovely'' being back with Girls Aloud.

The girl group went on hiatus in July 2009 before reuniting last year, and the 'Strictly Come Dancing' competitor is looking forward to balancing the band with her solo commitments.

She told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: ''The last few years have been incredible and I'm loving everything I'm doing right now.

''It's lovely being back with the girls and being able to do my own thing as well. I never plan too far ahead, I always choose things I feel passionate about and they always lead to something else.

''In this business you never know what the future holds.''

During the break, Kimberley has been keeping busy - as well as her debut solo album 'Centre Stage' being released tomorrow (04.02.13), she has appeared on 'Strictly Come Dancing' and on stage as Princess Fiona in 'Shrek the Musical'.

Theatre is one of the star's true passions, and something she isn't ruling out in the future.

She revealed: '' 'Shrek' was a really great experience, one I'll never forget. I would love to do more theatre at some point.

''I have a huge amount of respect for musical theatre performers and it was important to me that people knew how passionate I am about it.''