Kimberley Walsh used to pretend she was Beyonce Knowles.

The curvy Girls Aloud singer used to despair of her shape but after being inspired by the 'Halo' hitmaker to wear clothes which flatter her fuller figure, she has never looked back.

She said: "I grew up thinking Kate Moss was the perfect woman but that was a totally unachievable body shape for me. It was never ever going to happen. Can you imagine me in a pair of skinny jeans?

"Then along came Beyonce. We were exactly the same age and she looked amazing, so I started to dress like her and suddenly my shape made sense. I'd think: "Oh, yes. Beyonce's wearing a figure-hugging dress and drawing attention to her tiny waist, so I'd buy a new dress and a large belt, go out and pretend to be Beyonce. She was a great Alter Ego for me."

Kimberley, 29, admits she has struggled with her curves since she was younger and says she always had the "biggest bum" among her friends.

She told Zest magazine: "When I was at dance classes in Bradford, my teacher would always shout, 'Pull in your bum, Kimberley!' And I'd say, 'I'm trying - it just won't go in!!' It's been sticking out since I was two. I had the biggest bum out of about 50 girls in my class."