Kimberley Walsh has warned her boyfriend not to propose on Valentine's Day.

The Girls Aloud singer feels it's ''a bit of a cliché'' to propose on 14 February and hopes Justin Scott, her partner of nine years, doesn't ask for her hand in marriage on Thursday.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, she said: ''Valentine's Day is a bit of a cliché. Every Valentine's Day would be the day you got engaged, and then you would have to celebrate them both together.

''I want to spread it out. Then you get more celebrations throughout the year.''

She does want to get married in the future, but insisted ''there's no time'' at the moment..

Kimberley explained: ''I will get around to doing that at some point, though we have no plans at the minute. There's no time for me to get married.''

Although the 31-year-old pop star has told her boyfriend where she stands, it didn't stop Girls Aloud band-mate Cheryl Cole from tweeting a proposal when MPs voted on Tuesday (05.02.13) to allow same-sex marriage.

The 29-year-old beauty popped the question as a joke on Twitter, but fans still embraced the idea online.

Kimberley laughed: ''She's so naughty. The fans were going crazy. It was just a joke but as soon as she did it, I was like 'Oh, God, what has she started?'

''The fans have got a bit obsessed with the two of us and this whole [calling us] Chim thing. The next morning Cheryl was like 'Oops! Maybe people didn't get my sense of humour'. It was funny.''