Kimberley Walsh made Cheryl Cole cry when she told her she was pregnant.

The mum-to-be is due to give birth later this year and her former Girls Aloud band mate got very emotional when she revealed the good news.

She told the Sunday Express magazine: ''I expected Cheryl to cry when I told her I was expecting, and she did.

''We've been close for so long and talked about babies many times, so the fact that I was actually telling her was a big deal and her reaction was so cute.

''She's already offered to have the baby overnight and she says she's going to get herself a Moses basket. I was like, 'Hmmm, we'll see'. But Nicola [Roberts] and Sarah [Harding] are so excited too, and this baby is just going to be smothered with love.''

Kimberley admitted she ''started redecorating'' before she and boyfriend Justin Scott even decided to have a baby, which mind her partner of 10 years realise it was definitely time.

She said: ''We've already started redecorating. In fact I was doing that before I even got pregnant, so Justin was like, 'OK. You definitely need a baby. We'd better get on with it.'

''Luckily it didn't take very long to get pregnant, but I have nephews and many friends with babies so I know the rest of it's going to be tough.

''But I also know that the rewards are worth every minute of lost sleep.''