Kimberley Walsh is struggling to get up off the sofa by herself.

The heavily pregnant Girls Aloud star is now just a month away from giving birth to her and boyfriend Justin Scott's first child and has got so big she needs his help to get back on her feet after sitting down for long periods.

In her OK! magazine column, she explained: ''On this particular evening I didn't have the strength to get up from the sofa. I was stuck! You don't really think of things like that before you fall pregnant. I was lying there for about an hour before he came up, it had gone dark outside. I was just like, 'Yeah, I kind of need a hand!' ''

The 32-year-old expectant mum has started relying more and more on Justin as the pregnancy goes on because of her burgeoning belly.

She added: ''Before, I would run up the stairs and grab what I needed but there's no running anymore. It's not more like a waddle with a few grimaces on the way up.''

Kimberley also revealed that the baby's bum is protruding from her bump.

She said: ''I have this pointy part sticking out of my stomach all the time now. it turns out it's one of the bones of the baby's bottom!''