Kimberley Walsh gets style inspiration from Beyoncé.

The 'Something New' singer always admires Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez's sexy yet sophisticated styles and looks to the curvy superstars to find clothes which will suit her own shape.

She said: ''Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez are both naturally stunning. I look to women who have a similar body shape to mine, like Beyoncé, to see what styles suit them.

''[My style is] quite classic and I go for things that suit my shape.''

The 31-year-old star has a passion for dance after a decade of being part of former girl group Girls Aloud, and she finds it the best way to tone up and stay in shape.

Kimberley said: ''I do a lot of dancing, which helps. I also work out about three times a week. I'll do 25 minutes of cardio, then move on to resistance training to keep things toned.''

The self-confessed beauty junkie also revealed her dream night in involves sitting on her sofa at home and pampering herself with beauty treatments.

She added in an interview with the Express newspaper: ''I like nothing better than being at home, having a soak in the bath, then doing some beauty treatments in front of the TV.''