Kimberley Walsh was at ''breaking point'' while giving birth to her son.

The former Girls Aloud singer - who delivered her first son Bobby Jay with her long term boyfriend Justin Scott earlier this month - struggled to cope with both the pain during the delivery and the stress of the complicated birth after doctors were forced to use forceps to help deliver the child.

She told OK! magazine: ''I was quite close to my breaking point of what I could cope with and was worried about how complicated the delivery would be so I took the safe option.

''It's that pain that's so concentrated that nothing helps.

''However, you do have a break in between and that's how you deal with it. You think thank God it's over, and then it comes back again! I tried to breathe through it but I didn't feel like I could. Your reaction is to wince to get through it.''

Kimberley, 32 - who chose to have a body-numbing epidural injection to help with the excruciating labour pains - added that despite the stressful birth, she was ''grateful'' that doctors didn't have to perform a caesarian section.

She added: ''For me having the epidural felt like the right decision and now - bearing in mind how the delivery turned out - I'm so glad I did.

''To be honest I'm glad we got him out with forceps, it could have easily ended in an emergency c-section.''

Aside from a lack of sleep, the 'Love Machine' singer is settling in well to her role as a new mother and is lucky to have ''night owl'' partner Justin to help with the late feeds.

He said: ''I haven't found it too bad, as I can manage quite well without a lot of sleep, even though I'd like more!

''I think some dads feel like a spare part in the early stages so it is nice that I'm able to help out and it gives Kim the chance to have a nap here and there.

''I'm a night owl so I'm happy. I tend to do the first two night feeds or if Kim is doing them I keep her company so that I'm not just laying there snoring.''