Kim Woodburn lashed out at "publicity seeker" Katie Price in the 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' camp.

The 'How Clean Is Your House' star said the glamour model secretly loves publicity, despite her constant protestations about the paparazzi and her celebrity lifestyle in England.

Kim, 67, ranted: "You're a publicity seeker. You live and die for publicity and you do it well.

"You said you escaped to come in here but you've got 12 million people watching you every night. I don't get that. You protest all the time but love it. You live it and dream it.

"You went to the showers the other day - you know you've got a gorgeous body, you know, the men love it. I can imagine you're in that shower knowing it's all over the front of all the papers. You could just dip yourself in the pond just as well."

"I buy the papers every day. I think, 'Jordan, what's she up to now?' My husband and I, 'She's dreadful isn't she?' You do draw us to you. Keep going. Maintain it and make all this money. You'd be a fool not to."

Katie, 31, laughed and said she agreed with Kim. Later, when Gino asked her if she was OK, she said she was fine.

Katie said: "Of course. I'm like a robot. You can fire any bullets you like at me. That's nothing, I actually wanted to laugh because I thought it was funny."

Katie also win six stars for the camp's food in the Celebrity In A Bottle Bushtucker Trial, where she was spun inside a bottle containing 60,000 cockroaches, 10,000 crickets and two buckets of meal worms. She was then asked six questions about Australia, each question worth two meals for the camp.