Kim Wilde believes aliens are disappointed with the way humans treat the planet.

The 57-year-old 80s pop legend has made a comeback with a new album 'Here Come The Aliens' and admitted she has been inspired by the idea of the extra-terrestrials, who she is convinced have lived on earth for a ''long time'' and are worried about how to deal with humanity.

While appearing on 'Loose Women' on Monday (12.03.18), the 'Kids in America' hitmaker said: ''I believe aliens are here already, and have been for a long time.

''They have been keeping an eye on us for a long time, and are in despair because of the way we treat each other and the planet.

''And they are sitting around holding conferences talking about what they are gonna do with this lot.''

While on the UK TV show, the singer also recounted a time she saw a UFO in the sky while she was relaxing in her garden with her husband, Hal Fowler.

She said: ''It was in 2009. I was in our garden with my husband and a friend.

''Helicopters and a bright light came towards us. Maybe they were after someone. But then they left.

''The light remained behind a cloud in the sky and everyone thought I'd been on the pinot grigio.

''I'd been in A&E all night but that's a long story. I was looking up and it moved from 11 o'clock to two o'clock and again and again, then a smaller on joined it.

''My husband went running in to find something to film it, but I felt compelled to watch it. It inspired me.

''It was a UFO. I can't believe I saw it.''

In February, Kim admitted she worried that aliens would come down and abduct her and she would have to sing 'Kids in America' to them for the rest of her life.

She said: ''I'm worried they're going to come back and take me away.

''I said to my husband that maybe the captain was a big Kim Wilde fan and wanted to know where I live.

''I'm worried he's going to beam me up and I'll have to sing 'Kids in America' to him for the rest of my life.''