Kim Novak, the 77-year-old Hollywood actress who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, was honoured by the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen after he named his first attempt at a 'classic hand bag' after her. Known for her distinct glamour and style, Novak was the inspiration behind a piece in MCQueen's 2005 winter collection.
Writing in the UK's Times newspaper, Lisa Armstrong said, "The Novak, named after KIM NOVAK, the bloodless blonde to whom Hitchcock passed the chalice of filling in for Grace Kelly, is ALEXANDER MCQUEEN'S first attempt at a classic bag with which to define his label. Horribly expensive, hard to get hold of, it will be hugely influential" , and MCQueen spoke himself about Novak's influence on the bag, saying, "I'm drawn to KIM NOVAK in the same way that Hitchcock was. She had an air of uptightness you wouldn't want to cross."
Despite appearing in numerous televisions series and high profile movies, Novak is perhaps best known for her starring role in the 1958 ALFRED HITCHCOCK film 'Vertigo', in which she played 'Madeleine Elster', and acted alongside James Stewart. It was reported yesterday (October 20th 2010) that the actress has been diagnosed with cancer after a routine mammogram and is currently undergoing treatment.