Pudsey the dog has officially hit the big time. Less than a week after winning Britain's Got Talent, the performing canine found himself dancing the conga, with none other than Kim Kardashian taking the lead.

Though it may sound like a strange dream, the world's most unlikely conga routine did actually take place, during Alan Carr's Chatty Man show on Wednesday (May 16, 2012). Fresh from his talent show success, Pudsey was invited on the show to perform some moves with his owner Ashleigh Butler, 17. A giggling Kardashian - also a guest on the show - watched from the comfort of Alan's sofa before being asked to join in. Although the reality star didn't seem overly enthusiastic, she must have at least had fun, later tweeting, "Alan Carr is hysterical!". The 31-year-old superstar is in the UK to launch and promote her new perfume at the Debenhams store on London's Oxford Street, while also planning to watch boyfriend Kanye West performing with Jay Z at the O2 Arena. Dog trainer Ashleigh actually bumped into the rapper backstage at the Alan Carr taping, later tweeting a photograph of the pair together.

The episode of Alan Carr's Chatty Man, featuring Kim, Pudsey and Ashleigh, airs on Channel 4 on Friday (May 18, 2012) at 10pm.