Kim Kardashian wasn't a hit with boys at school.

The reality TV star - who is often regarded as one of the world's sexiest women - didn't pay too much attention to her looks when she was growing up and younger sister Khloe was much more popular.

A childhood friend said: "I don't think she wore any make-up other than mascara. Everyone thought Khloe was cuter. She looked all American, so she got more attention."

Kim and Khloe also fought with their other sister Kourtney over each other's wardrobe.

Stepdad Bruce Jenner told Us Weekly magazine: "In high school, Kimberly stole some of Kourtney's jeans from her closet. Kourtney walked into her classroom, and in front of everyone she said 'Kimberly has my jeans. I want them back!' "

However, the trio did bond over their dislike of mother Kris dressing them identically.

She revealed: "I loved to dress all three alike and put huge bows in their hair. They still haven't forgiven me!"