La Toya Jackson says her wedding will be ''bigger than anything''.

The 58-year-old star is planning her nuptials to her fiancé and business manager Jeffré Phillips and insists it's going to be bigger than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's big day which saw the reality star and rapper wed in a lavish ceremony in Italy last month.

She told the New York Daily News newspaper: ''It's going to be bigger than Kim's.

''It'll be bigger than anything, huge. Lots of people, all of it.''

The pair got engaged while they were on vacation in Hawaii last August. Jeffré had La Toya follow a path of white rose petals and gardenias to their hotel balcony, where he had arranged a romantic dinner of her favourite foods, before surprising her with a 17.5 carat diamond ring, which had been hidden under a dessert tray.

La Toya is the sister of late pop legend Michael Jackson - who died of acute Propofol intoxication in 2009 - and she still finds it difficult to talk her sibling.

A source said: ''La Toya just gets very emotional, and that's the topic that can make her cry. It's a hard topic and it hasn't gotten any better. She is a sensitive soul and just wants to focus on herself and her career.''