Kim Kardashian has a "more is more" approach to accessorising.

The 30-year-old beauty - who is well known for her curvy figure - always likes to top off an outfit with Bangles and earrings, in particular hooped pairs, which she is a big fan of.

She said: "I'm really big on accessories, more so than my sisters. I love to accessorise. I think more is more when it comes to fun accessories. I stack on both hands whereas some people only stack on one hand. And they probably wouldn't do a hair chain with earrings. They would probably do a more simple stud.

"I love hoops. Hoops are also a constant in my line. But I have to make sure that they are light enough."

However Kim - who married basketball player Kris Humphries in August - doesn't wear them all the time because she just "can't do it", especially a the gym.

She told WWD: "I don't wear it to work out. I see people that work out all the time with their jewellery on. I was leaving the gym yesterday and I didn't have my [wedding] ring on and there was all these photographers taking pictures and I said to my sister, 'Just watch, Kourtney. You will see a story [bearing the headline] 'Kim Without Her Ring. Trouble in Paradise.' And Kourtney said, 'But you are in your gym clothes. Who would ever wear their ring to the gym?' and I said, 'You'd be surprised.'

"I see women coming to the gym with earrings on. I can't do it."