Kim Kardashian may have only been half-serious when she declared her intention to run for the Mayor of Glendale, California, but her campaign already appears to be gaining support. Kim first floated the idea during an episode of her sister's show 'Khloe and Lamar', musing that the district's strong Armenian population could help her cause.
Conservator commentator Bill O'Reilly played the clip on a segment of his Fox News show this week, saying, "If I were Ms. Kardashian, I would start a brand new political party, the 'It's Like' party.That would be awesome". Others to welcome the idea include reality star Omarosa Stallworth who was asked by a Tmz reporter about Kardashian's political credentials, to which she replied, "I think she can do it.Go Kim, go!" Her friend, the actor Michael Clarke Duncan, was less enthused by the idea, saying, "No, she's not! Are you playing? Are you serious?" With speculation as to Kardashian's intentions, US Weekly reached her representative, who issued a statement that read, "Kim has always looked for opportunities to grow and also do what she can to help and support the Armenian community.She's learning more about ways in which she can help to do her part to make a difference in the community".
Celebrities making the foray into politics have experienced varying levels of success. Of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger made it all the way to Governor of California, before his approval levels began to dwindle. Maybe Kim should speak to Jerry Springer, who is a former mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio.