The Kardashian family filed a lawsuit against the clothing chain The Gap last year. But experts claim the suit will most likely not hold water in court, according to an article from Fox News. The Kardashians claim that a commercial for The Gap damaged the family's reputation and subsequently lost them a fortune in potential income, to the tune of around $15 - $20 million. The commercial in question used an apparent Kim Kardashian lookalike to mock the Kardashian's lifestyle.
In the article, though, Kim is referred to as 'libel-proof' and the author argues that she has done so much damage to her own reputation - with the release of the sex tape that launched her family's reality TV fame and her 72 day marriage and soap-opera split from Kris Humphries for starters - that they would be hard pushed to quantify any damage done by a third party. Other celebrities referred to as 'libel proof' in the article are Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan.
Legal expert Joey Jackson summarises the argument by stating "Kim Kardashian makes her reputation off of pushing the envelope, playing with the public psyche, and being controversial. She is a publicity craver and seeker, thereby making any publicity is good publicity for her." The scandals that surround the Kardashian family have been frequent occurrences of late. Just a few weeks ago, the family was accused of using Chinese sweatshops to manufacture clothes for their clothing brands. And more recently, claims emerged that Khloe Kardashian has a different father to her sisters also emerged.