Just days before Kim Kardashian is scheduled to marry Nba star Kris Humphries, her ex-boyfriend has begun messaging her begging for a second chance, according to Life & Style Magazine. REGGIE BUSH, the Miami Dolphins star who Kim dated for three years, has been leaving voicemails claiming "he's the one for her".
The duo have reportedly been on good terms since their split last year, but an insider reveals, "He's been sending text messages to Kim and leaving her voice mails, telling her she's making a mistake and that he's the one for her.In the past, Kim was friendly to Reggie but now she's stopped responding". As Kardashian attended her dress fitting at Vera Wang's New York studio on 4th August 2011, a friend told her she had message from Reggie who claimed he needed to speak urgently. The source added, "He was begging her to call off the wedding - and give him another chance". Despite his last-minute attempts to reignite their relationship, Reggie looks unlikely to win back Kim's hand before the big day on 20th August 2011. A pal of the reality star explained, "She was burned by the end of their relationship, and she's truly moved on".
The socialite and television personality, who is likely to be known as Kim Kardashian-Humphries after the wedding, will marry in Montecito, California.