Kim Kardashian feels "flattered" she is Demi Lovato's style icon.

The Disney starlet recently said how she admired both the reality star's curves and confidence and Kim is thrilled the 17-year-old beauty is using her as an example to love her womanly figure.

Writing on her blog, Kim said: "I love that Demi is embracing her curves and I'm so flattered that she is looking to me for style inspiration. Demi is one of the few young stars who manages to show off her own unique style and sense of self while still keeping her looks age-appropriate.

"I know for me it was a long journey to get to where I am today, and if I can help just one girl feel happy and confident in her own skin by showing that girls should not aspire to be, nor should they feel pressured to be skinny, then I've made a little bit of a difference."

Speaking about curvaceous Kim's sense of style, Demi had said: "I just love the way that she dresses. She wears clothes that fit her body.

"I've been embracing my body as I've been getting older, I'm starting to have curves and I'm embracing it and kind of looking to her style to help me out with that."