Kim Kardashian has always "defined" herself through her style.

The 30-year-old socialite - who is known for her curvy figure and sexy dress sense - says she likes to look "well put together" and makes sure she is always wearing fashionable attire.

Asked what her style is, Kim replied to Now magazine: "Sexy, for sure. I like to be well put together and on trend. I've always defined myself through my style. It's how I communicate with who I am."

Kim - who recently released a self-titled debut perfume - revealed the scent was inspired by her "girly side" and the feminine things around her.

She said: "The inspiration for my new perfume are the feminine things I surround myself with. I thought about what makes me feel special and translated that into a fragrance.

"We used gorgeous, crisp floral notes to capture my girly side."

The reality TV star - who set to marry her basketball star fiance Kris Humphries on August 20 - recently said she isn't interested in deviating her style, because she knows what she looks good in.

She explained: "When I moved to New York from Los Angeles, people thought my look would change, but I know what works for me and I'm sticking with it. I've been trying out the no make-up look, though. I get it - it's very 'fashion'."