Kim Kardashian is worried she will become a ''cat lady''.

The 31-year-old beauty - who is dating Kanye West - recently adopted a new kitty named Mercy, and she is concerned she is starting to look crazy as she is posting too many pictures of the pet for her 16.2 million followers on social networking site twitter to see.

She said ''I just hope I'm not turning into one of those cat ladies that's tweeting too many pictures of her pet!

''I have always wanted a white Persian cat with light eyes. That was my thing. I've been always looking at kittens like that online.''

Kim - who this time 12 months ago was in the middle of her 72 days marriage to Kris Humphries - named the small cat after one of her boyfriend's songs and because she thought it was a ''cute'' moniker.

She told ''My mother actually helped me come up with that name. It's a song of my boyfriend's, so I thought it was cute. I just thought it was a cute name and it fit her.''